Create Short Intro Video For Your Social Media, Complete Guide

With the growth of social platforms, video content for social media is a big area of focus for marketers. Video has gained popularity in the marketing community as the medium of choice. This led to the creation of a new category, videos for social media.

Videos make an effective form of social media content. Statistics show that people watch more videos and engage more with this content. Video content boosts page views and engagement.

People are nine times more likely to engage with video content, so you can get more views on a video. People enjoy watching videos more, be it for entertainment or information. Here are a few reasons why you should create an intro video for your social media.

Why You Need Intro Video for Your Social Media

Intro videos pack a lot of information in a few seconds. If you make intro with the right intro maker, they work wonders for your social media page. This short video clip can become a great marketing tool and a sales pitch for your social media.

Trailer-like content for your content increases engagement. Intro video for your social media helps provide this information. 

Imagine walking into a buffet lunch. Creating intro videos is similar. You allow the user first to get a sense of what is in store by creating a compelling trailer.

How to Create Intro Videos

There are several impressive tools available in the market for you to create high-quality intro videos. If a tool is easy to use, you can focus on making your content creative. Most of the tools provide features like drag and drop. Look for templates and audio file repositories.

Multi-layer support for your content allows you to edit one layer at a time. This makes customizations easy, and you can create interesting effects to keep your video engaging.

Tips to Create Great Intro Videos for Social Media

The first step towards creating a great intro video is to have a good intro maker tool. Content is the king, so use an engaging narrative. Have a clear idea of what you want to convey through your video. 

Start collecting high-quality assets. Assets include photos, videos, fonts, and music. Pay attention to copyright guidelines. Violating them can have consequences ranging from getting the video rejected to lawsuits.

Now you have to build a storyboard. What will your intro video convey? How will you build the flow? A strong storyboard makes the video exciting. Videos with common storylines get no engagement at all.

Take inspiration as you build the intro videos. There are millions of good examples on the Internet for you to research. Spend time to see good content and allow it to inspire you. 

Do not copy ideas. Draw inspiration from the content you like and incorporate it in your video.

Customizing Intro Videos to Specific Social Media Platforms

Each social media platform has specific features that are worth taking advantage of in an intro video. Here are specific tips for different social media platforms

#1 Facebook

Facebook auto-plays videos without sound. Users see videos playing as they scroll through their newsfeed. To hear the sound, the user has to take specific action of unmuting the video.

Interestingly, over 80% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. This means great visuals attract eyeballs, even without sound. Keep that in mind as you build your visual storyline.

Add subtitles to your video to make your video easier to understand. Research shows that videos with subtitles get more viewing time.

#2 Instagram

Instagram is where young people spend most of their time and must be a part of your social media strategy. Creating intro videos for your Instagram presence is easy if you keep a few things in mind.

Users on Instagram have a relatively short attention span. Keep your videos short and crisp to improve engagement. Keeping your message brief needs a very tight narrative. Work on that.

Instagram reels allow increasing reach and making your videos viral. Research on the latest trends and take advantage of the boost they can give.

Looping is an Instagram-specific feature where a video plays in a loop continuously. There are interesting things you can do with this feature. Make an illusion of an infinite loop or use the boomerang feature. Use these tricks to increase viewing time.

#3 Twitter

Textual content is popular on Twitter. People spend more time reading and responding to opinions. Less time is spent on watching videos. They scroll fast and skip uninteresting content.

Tell your story with words in your intro video for Twitter. A smartly worded narrative in the video can get more engagement and can go viral. You must make a strong impression in the first 3 seconds.

Keep your video short and match the attention span of users on this platform. Long-form videos do not work well for Twitter. Create your video to be crisp, witty, and use bright colors to get the most views.

Ask a question at the end of the video to encourage engagement. Users on Twitter are the most engaged if the right content is presented to them. A question will nudge them to respond.

Add a call to action in all your intro videos. Sharing content on social media amplifies reach. Encourage users to share your video by asking them to take specific actions. 

#4 YouTube

YouTube is the biggest social media and video platform and cannot be ignored. YouTube is known more for its videos and views than the interactions in comments, so videos need to be very high quality. 

This is also a platform where long videos work. Create professional-level videos with great video and audio to succeed on Youtube


Marketing plans are not complete without a social media strategy and presence. Have a strong social media plan and incorporate intro videos for marketing. 

Intro videos for social media work best with eye-catching videos and thought-provoking text. Use a good combination of text and audio to make your videos stand out.

Take advantage of the number of tools available for video creation. Most importantly, track engagement numbers closely. Use these tips, and you should have a great social media marketing experience.


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